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Orlando Leads the Way on Airport-Rail Connectivity

I had the pleasure of recently touring the new Terminal C at Orlando International Airport with MCO's CEO Kevin Thibault. This link highlights the South Terminal Complex and the connectivity passengers will enjoy to MCO Terminal A/B as well as two rail connections (SunRail and Brightline).

My picture shows the corridor passengers will exit to ground transportation, bag claim, and the rail stations which are all a short walk away. It is intuitive wayfinding as its best. And, due to the foresight of airport planners, when additional capacity is added in the future, the South Terminal Complex will seamlessly connect to a new Terminal D planned on the other side of the station.

U.S. airports are often criticized, mostly fairly, for their lack of intermodal connectivity. It is time to update those academic papers and industry studies as MCO provides an industry-leading, elegant and integrated transportation solution.


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