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Net Zero: Making It Happen

Four webinars over four days with some of the world's most eminent speakers on how transport can meet its Net Zero targets. Listen to leaders in the field sharing pragmatic steps discussing how governments, businesses, and society can 'make it happen'.

Following COP27, Steer hosts this series of conversations exploring the COP27's outcomes with a particular focus on how we move from commitments to implementation and accelerate action to achieve Net Zero goals.

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Why should you attend? 

With eminent speakers from across business, government, investors, operators, academics and advisors, we explore critical themes:

What are the global pathways to success – and the behaviours needed to make Net Zero happen?

  • How do we secure equitable access for the community? 
  • What are city and landowner responses? 
  • How do asset owners and operators adapt to ZEVs? 
  • What are the behavioural responses we need to create?

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Mon 28 NovTue 29 NovWed 30 NovThu 01 Dec 
How do we challenge our thinking to make Net Zero a reality?Our Net Zero ambitions getting in the way of investmentsHow can we push for access to new vehicles, services, and technologies for different communities? How do asset owners and operators adapt to Net Zero targets and ZEVs?

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To address the challenges highlighted by COP27, Steer brings the conversation to you by connecting global industry leaders who share actionable steps and insights that governments, organisations and individuals can implement to achieve the Net Zero goals set out by the UN.


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