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We did it! Our #30DayMapChallenge 2022 is now complete

If you follow us on Twitter you may have seen us attempting this years map challenge - to share 30 maps during November - following a different theme for each day.

Themes of the 2022 challenge

We are so proud and pleased to share that between eight of us we managed to get a map shared every single day!

Thank you to our R&I Club who support us on such projects and allow us to keep innovating and learning new techniques.

So to celebrate the effort put in across the teams I've created a StoryMap of them all including some extra information about who made it and how, and more about the data where available. 

Day 7: Raster - Map of Iceland

Steer's #30DayMapChallenge Storymap

The Steer team also took part last year and we found it a great way to build teamwork, review and build upon each others work in a more open, non-time-critical, way.
It led to better connections across our teams and offices as the group was open to all who were interested in taking part, whether they were designers, GIS users, cartographers or just had a good idea!

This year we were able to expand collaboration by teaming up with The British Cartographic Society's Hackday and inviting other map-makers into our London Office to talk maps and share ideas on software, data and design. We had some great feedback and are looking into if this would be something we can support next year too.

Day 26: Islands - Map made during BCS Hackday

Day 26: Islands - Map made during The BCS Hackday

by Clare Seldon, Lead Cartographer at Steer

"Today's the last day of the #30DayMapChallenge. Thanks for all the great maps out there, folks -- you're an inspiration!..." @pokateo_


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