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e-Bus adoption in public transport keeps growing in Italy

START Romagna, (one of the biggest and most efficient Public Transport Operator in Italy, has taken their first step in the transformation of the public transport system across the cities of Rimini, Ravenna, and Forlì with the purchase of 27 electric buses.

Thanks to the experience we gained in the last five years in this sector, we have actively supported START over the last year in developing a preliminary business case aimed at understanding the best strategy for the procurement of the new electric buses and the electrification of their depots. 

Most importantly, our advice was useful to identify potential risks (battery degradation, limited driving range, charging strategy, depot electrification, impact on service contracts, etc.) and mitigating factors linked to this less established and more rapidly evolving technology sector.

This is only the beginning for our friends at START; the best is yet to come!

Karsan will deliver 27 e-Atak to Start Romagna. For the operator, they are the first electric ones ever


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