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Six rules for communicating major infrastructure upgrades

Looking back at the £1.2 billion East Coast Upgrade, the following lessons from this project still very much hold true two years later.

Not just that, but getting public and stakeholder support for sustainable transportation infrastructure needs to be the work of everyone involved, from the initial strategy that defines the need through to the operation of the first service.

In summary, the six rules are:

  1. Plan early and be in the room
  2. Always know the ‘why’
  3. Budget budget budget
  4. Listen and improve
  5. Always be agile
  6. Support and thank the people

What else do you think is needed to effectively communicate major infrastructure projects? 

If communications on an infrastructure project are an afterthought, then you are creating an unnecessary project risk. The comms lead must never be a passive member of the team. Something may be the best engineering or political approach but if it doesn’t hold up with the public then sentiment towards any disruption and the reputation of organisations involved may suffer.


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