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| 1 minute read

Next Generation Careers Conference

Last week, I was asked to speak at the Next Generation Hertfordshire conference run by the Hertfordshire Careers Hub. The Hub works with schools and colleges to empower young people to acquire job-related skills that can actively help shape their future careers.

This conference was an opportunity for career influencers from schools, colleges, and universities to hear from local employers from the priority sectors, which included Business, Legal and Finance.  Our aim was to provide our views on the current job market, its current challenges and opportunities for young people entering the world of work.

This is an area that I feel particularly passionate about. I often think back to the career advice I got in school and shudder. I was allocated 15 minutes with a geography teacher, who concluded that I should be a nurse because I liked working with people. I never had the opportunity to explore different careers or talk to anyone within the world of work. Thankfully, things seem to have changed! I am thankful for initiatives like this that really add value to young people in those crucial early years.

The conference allowed us to talk about pathways into our organisations, our approaches to recruiting apprentices and graduates, and importantly, what key skills and attributes we look for when recruiting new talent.

We were able to bring to life what careers paths might look like within those sectors and to debunk some common misconceptions about roles within our industry. For example, you don’t need to have a law degree to be a solicitor (who knew!)

The sessions we hosted were interactive and I came away with a deeper understanding the needs of those about to embark on their career journeys. All of which, I am keen to put into practice!