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"10/10 Toronto. Would use again."

The TO360 Wayfinding system developed by Steer is a multi-modal information system that places walking at its core. 

Over the past decade, TO360 signage and mapping have become ubiquitous across Toronto, providing consistent information to pedestrians, transit users, cyclists, and drivers.

It's been 12 years now since Steer’s Design for Movement team started its journey with the City of Toronto, and we're delighted our combined efforts are supporting people (and receiving positive feedback) as they navigate this fantastic city.

I'm in Toronto for the Urban Land Institute meeting with ActiveScore and these are some of the most helpful wayfinding signs I've ever seen. Thanks, City of Toronto. A map, points of interest, the names of intersecting streets at the top AND especially telling me that I'm facing West -- what a dream!! I always say it's essential for cities and transit agencies to make it easier for everyone to be able to navigate and use -- and never leave it to individuals to have and use their own services on smartphones. 10/10 Toronto. Would use again.


mapping, signage, wayfinding, design, cartography, urban design & placemaking