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Rail investment in Manchester

Yet another milestone demonstrating growing momentum for rail investment in Manchester.

Back in 2020, the consequences of the May 2018 timetable were still being felt across the North of England. The Manchester Task Force was formed to sort this out, but then COVID-19 hit and the world changed.

After three years of hard work and with life beginning to return to normal, momentum is building. Last December, the rail industry launched a new high-performance timetable, which has meant delays across central Manchester have already decreased by 40% compared to 2019/20 levels, something exceeding expectations.

Government confidence in the Manchester Task Force is confirmed by today's announcement of a further £72 million package of investment in platforms, track, and signalling, at Salford Crescent and Manchester Victoria to benefit passengers and further reduce delays.

I am personally incredibly proud to have led the Steer team in supporting the success of the Task Force since 2020.

£72 million boost for train services in Manchester and the north.


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