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Taking a Holistic Approach to Housing: Join Fourth Economy's Webinar for Insights and Solutions

When it comes to housing, addressing the needs of communities comprehensively and inclusively is essential for creating a lasting, positive impact. Recognizing the importance of equitable community planning and the role of housing in promoting diversity and inclusion, Fourth Economy is hosting an exciting webinar. The event will bring together a panel of housing specialists who will delve into the missing elements in communities, the existing barriers, the affected populations, and the mechanisms available to tackle these challenges.

In addition, Fourth Economy, a subsidiary of Steer, will present its updated Equitable Community Planning Toolkit, providing attendees with valuable resources and actionable steps to promote equity and inclusion in their communities. The webinar will also highlight Steer's Equity and Inclusion practice, demonstrating the commitment to fostering diverse and inclusive environments.

Meet the Speakers

Fatimah Aure - Director, The Kelsey:

With her extensive experience in program strategy, Fatimah Aure is leading the way as the Director of Field Building and Capacity at The Kelsey. With a strong commitment to spotlighting and empowering people with disabilities, she believes in creating an environment where disability is acknowledged and celebrated rather than seen as an obstacle. Fatimah's expertise and dedication to meaningful programs make her a valuable voice in the webinar.

Rebecca Giroux - Community and Economic Development Officer, Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA):

As a Community and Economic Development Officer at WHEDA, Rebecca Giroux brings her years of experience in retail banking, marketing, and community relations. Collaborating with various stakeholders, Rebecca is vital in expanding affordable housing and economic development statewide. Her leadership in the Rural Affordable Workforce Housing Pilot Initiative (RAWFHI) highlights her commitment to finding scalable solutions for rural communities across Wisconsin.

Katie McAuley - Housing Development Manager, The Kelsey:

Katie McAuley's passion for affordable housing stems from her experience growing up in a low-income community. As the Housing Development Manager at The Kelsey, she oversees housing projects and technical assistance initiatives. With a focus on supporting low-income homeowners to age in place sustainably, Katie's expertise in affordable housing is invaluable. Her involvement in advancing inclusive, accessible, and affordable housing in Pittsburgh further highlights her dedication to creating positive change.

Nathan Wildfire - Co-founder, Missing Middle Housing Fund:

Nathan Wildfire, a co-founder of the Missing Middle Housing Fund, brings a wealth of experience in community and economic development to the webinar. With a long-standing interest in housing, influenced by his grandmother's work creating affordable housing for seniors, Nathan is passionate about finding solutions to housing under-production crises. His expertise in public/private financing and macroeconomic policy positions him as a valuable resource in addressing housing challenges.

Why a Holistic Approach Matters

Addressing housing issues through a holistic lens is crucial for several reasons. By considering all aspects of housing, including affordability, accessibility, and inclusivity, communities can create sustainable solutions that benefit a diverse range of residents. This means focusing on providing affordable housing options and ensuring that homes are designed to accommodate people of different abilities and that marginalized communities have equal access to housing opportunities. A holistic approach to housing planning prioritizes equity and inclusion, bridging the gap and breaking down barriers that have historically disadvantaged marginalized populations, including racial and ethnic minorities, individuals with disabilities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and low-income households.

Webinar Highlights

During the webinar, the panelists will delve into the missing elements in communities, the underlying barriers, and the populations most affected by housing challenges. By sharing their experiences, insights, and strategies, these experts will illuminate the effective mechanisms to tackle these issues.

Fourth Economy is hosting the virtual panel on Wednesday, June 7, 12-1 pm ET; register here.


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