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What does achieving Carbon Neutrality and driving the transition to Net Zero mean for a consultancy business?

What does it mean for a business to be Carbon Neutral?

This is a question I sought to answer on a recent episode of ‘Elephant in the Room’ a popular podcast hosted by Sudha Singh that highlights diverse voices and facilitates important conversations on inequality in both society and the workplace.

As a guest I was able to detail the amazing sustainability projects that Steer is doing around the world and articulate my own role in joining up this work to create the synergy we need for our market-leading sustainability offer.

Our wide-ranging and thought-provoking interview touched on:

The journey to and success of carbon neutrality at Steer which we achieved in 2022 in large part due to our office move. With our eye now firmly on the goal of net zero by 2025 we are committed to decoupling growth from business carbon impact. Our continued carbon monitoring and employee engagement proves that at Steer, we practice what we preach.

The challenges of funding the net zero transition from California to Indonesia and how Steer can help in areas including zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), the economic net-zero transition, and innovative heating and electricity grid solutions. Through our joined-up approach across different sectors we’ve shown the importance of holistic thinking and avoiding silos when considering our future.

The importance of making equity and inclusion central to infrastructure from its inception to provide demand side-orientated facilities which are both more user-friendly and better for business. Our measurable and quantifiable approach to the benefits of environmental, social and governance (ESG) has been singularly helpful to encouraging investors, and I explained how momentum will defeat ESG backlash and that moving from ‘know it all’ to ‘learn it all’ can boost diversity in our industry.

Our final point was on the need for speedy adaptability in order to both further the sustainability agenda and reap the rewards it offers. Adapting to change and thriving in change has to be the motto of the net zero transition, to find out more about how Steer is shaping this pathway, listen via the player below.


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