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Take advantage of active transport, rural and zero-emission transit funding available in Canada

The Infrastructure Canada Funds are federal initiatives that plan to invest in $14.9 billion over the next eight years in reliable, fast, affordable, and clean public transit. Meanwhile, the B.C. Active Transportation Infrastructure Grants Program operates only in British Colombia and provides cost-sharing opportunities for network planning grants and infrastructure grants. 

Applying for the funding schemes below will see your area reap the many environmental, social and health rewards of improved infrastructure and transit opportunities.  For details of available schemes and how Steer can help you with your application read below. 

Infrastructure Canada Funds (Federal)

Zero Emission Transit Fund (ZETF): A $2.75 billion fund that supports public transit and school bus operators plan for electrification, supports the purchase of 5,000 zero-emission buses and build supporting infrastructure. Applications for the ZETF will also consider financing opportunities with the Canada Infrastructure Bank. Both the planning stream and capital projects stream for this fund are open.

Rural Transit Solutions Fund (RTSF): A $250 million that supports locally driven transit solutions for rural and remote communities, with flexibility for different local transit system innovations from fixed route to on-demand services to ride-shares. The capital projects scheme for this fund is open. 

Active Transportation Fund: $400 million is available but only indigenous applicants are eligible for the planning and capital projects schemes after the first intake closed in 2022. 

B.C. Active Transportation Infrastructure Grants Program

2023/24 applications are open until October 27, 2023. Note that Indigenous applicants or partnership applications between Indigenous and local governments may apply any time.
Network Planning Grant: These grants help smaller communities develop active transportation network plans to encourage active transportation for all ages and abilities. 

To be eligible, the community must have a population over 25,000, the community’s Active Transportation Network Plan must be over five years old or non-existent, the project must be completed by March 31, 2025, and all previously funded active transportation projects awarded before 2022/2023 (or before 2021/22 for projects with total budget over $1 million) must be completed by the time of this application submission. 

The province cost-shares to a maximum of 50%, or $50,000, whichever is less. 

Infrastructure Grant: These grants help with the development of active transportation-related infrastructure such as multiuse paths, bike lanes, sidewalks, and secure bicycle storage.

To be eligible projects must be part of an active transportation network plan or equivalent, projects must be “shovel ready” and can begin construction once provincial funding has been announced, projects must be completed by March 2025 (projects under $1 million) or by March 2026 (projects over $1 million), projects must be open to the public, and all projects previously funded prior to 2022/23 (or prior to 2021/22 for projects with budgets over $1 million) must be completed by the application submission date.

The province cost-shares to a maximum of $500,000 per project.

How can Steer help? 

While applications are open to any local area that fit the criteria, these grants require commentary on how proposals will create benefits in a number of categories such as towards health, safety and the economy. Our team has the expertise you need across all specialist areas to identify and articulate the benefits of applicable transport investments in a wide range of communities, to underpin a compelling case for funding. 

Contact Andrew Antinucci or Patrick Miller to find out more about how we could help you with your application. 

A complete list of funded projects from the B.C. Active Transportation Infrastructure Grants Program (2004 – 2023) is available here.

Examples of projects currently funded by the Government of Canada can be viewed via the interactive mapping tool here.


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